translated from Spanish: Bedolla calls on indigenous peoples to build a new governance relationship

Morelia, Michoacan .- The governor-elect, Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla, said that the indigenous communities of Michoacan have been aggrieved by institutional oblivion and repression by the state government, which is why he called on the native peoples to build together a new form of governance, they said in a statement.
In a press conference, Alfredo Ramirez said that indigenous communities, especially those that carry out processes of self-government, no longer want a paternalistic or assistanceist relationship with the different levels of government, so he offered full coordination and collaboration of his government with native peoples.
Ramirez Bedolla announced that he has been working with both authorities and indigenous peoples to ensure that the government and indigenous communities are on the same page, and that the 129 indigenous tenures have access to the direct budget or self-government recognized in the new Municipal Organic Law.
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He added that his transition team, and in due course the members of the cabinet, will receive training and training in indigenous rights, especially with regard to Article Two of the Constitution, customs and customs, and the direct budget.
Soon, the governor-elect added, a forum will be held with the participation of indigenous communities to analyze whether it is necessary to promote more reforms that strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples, and enrich the government plan for the period 2021-2027.
The governor-elect was accompanied by federal deputy Hirepan Maya Martínez; Carlos Torres Piña, Tamara Sosa Alanís and Andrea Serna Hernández, spokesperson and members of the Transition Team, respectively.

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