translated from Spanish: Chano’s mother denied the police’s version: “He was shot for no reason”

Marina Charpentier, the mother of Santiago Moreno Charpentier popularly known as Chano, spoke on Monday about the episode that her son lived during the night of Sunday and that ended with his hospitalization in intensive care as a result of a shot fired by a Buenos Aires policeman.” He did not have a psychotic outbreak, What he had was a picture of psychomotor arousal,” the woman said, thus denying the first version that emerged after the fact.

With police action in the eye of the storm resulting from the wounds caused by the shooting in Chano, Marina offered another version: “A policeman under 20 years old came in and shot him for no reason. This is crazy.” In the early hours of the morning, when the incident between the musician, his family, doctors and officers became known, it was said that the former singer of Tan Bioónica pounced on one of the members of the security forces with a knife and there he was shot.

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July 26, 2021

“He is only a patient in consumption and we are a desperate family, asking to be admitted. He did not attack anyone, he did not attempt to assault anyone, except a woman,” the mother said in a conversation with All News.He then added: “He just hurt himself. There were doctors, nurses and police, all against a consumer addict. They were able to shoot into the air, but they didn’t. It was ten-on-one.” On this day was also known the call that Chano made on Friday to 911, when his mother had come to his house to help him in the relapse with his addiction “I that Friday asked to be hospitalized, three ambulances and two patrolmen came. They take me out of the house and tell me I’m an intruding in that situation,” Marina Charpentier said.

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