translated from Spanish: The violent audio of Horacio Cabak talking about Sofia “Jujuy” Jiménez: “You’re going to have a hard time with me”

That the relationship between Sofia “Jujuy” Jimenez and Horacio Cabak was not good during the months of driving in America, it was known. And not only because she was seen on the air, but because the model told, on several occasions, how badly she had a good time with the driver. Yesterday in the broadcast of Intruders to the Night, Adrian Pallares presented a report that resulted in an audio that would have leaked where you can hear Cabak’s voice talking, ironizing, criticizing and denigrating his partner.” Today he confronted me on the air, at one point on his mobile. I made gestures like they cut, they were all talking at the same time, then she looks at me and I make the gesture of ‘stop and listen’ and she says ‘we are all team. We have to talk ”’, the audio fragment begins. With an ironic tone, Cabak adds: “What the fuck, I said no friend, now you’re going to start having a hard time with me, because I’m the only one who’s taking care of you in the air,” she says. I’m going to leave her alone on my phones, but well today I stepped on the greeting at the end. There are many attitudes that zorrita is doing, stepping, getting into a note, asking hair,” he says categorically.” How are you going to ask the vaccine mine if they’re vaccinating the at-risk population? Don’t you read a diary?Don’t you get a diary in your head when you’re looking at Instagram?” he concluded. Listen to it here.

Original source in Spanish

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