translated from Spanish: Chinese Influencer recorded TikTok and fell from 48-meter crane (Video)

China. – A few days ago it was reported the tragic death of an “influencer” named Xiao Qiumei, which was recorded by herself, while making a series of contents for her TikTok account.
The fatal accident occurred aloft of a construction crane in a Chinese province. Xiao Qiumei, 23, originally uploaded a live show to the platform known as Douyin which is a Chinese version of TikTok and was streamed via Twitter and Facebook.
The young influencer known as “Little Qiumei”, fell 48 meters from a crane tower while making several videos.
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According to local Chinese media, Xiao Qiu Mei had already been warned by her followers of the risks she ran when taking photographs or recording videos at heights, but that didn’t matter to the young woman who shared videos from dangerous places, all of them because of her craft.

Xiao Qiumei, 23, became one of the most popular influencers in China, the woman constantly shared with her more than 100 thousand followers her daily activities.
While recording a video for his social media, he suffered a freak accident that took his life.
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