translated from Spanish: “We are proud to wear the colors of Mexico,” apologizes softball team

Tokyo: Members of the Mexican softball team apologized after the scandal sparked after boxers Brianda Tamara and Esmeralda Falcón denounced the lack of representation of some players to wear the colors of Mexico after finding softball uniforms in garbage bags inside the Olympic village. It was through social networks that the player Anissa Urtez published a statement in which she assured that they did not intend to give a bad image in a historic event such as the Olympic Games.
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Read more: Tokyo 2020: ‘Historic’, Dafne Navarro finishes 8th in trampoline gymnastics final”We had no intention of ignoring what it means to be at the Olympics for so many. We took home all of our gaming uniforms, embroidered clothing and softball equipment – which could fit in a suitcase as required. We understand that this is no excuse for giving the impression of contempt for such a historic event. We will work to do better and be better,” the statement said.

Urtez regretted that this situation has caused the disappointment of the Mexican people, as she said she was proud to wear the colors of Mexico and represent the country.” Each of our team members worked hard to get into the Olympics and be able to represent our country. We are proud to wear the colors of Mexico and give hope and inspiration to other young people of Mexican descent,” he added. Although personalities such as Rolando Guerrero, president of the Mexican Softball Federation and members of the national team have already come out to justify the reason why the uniforms were abandoned in a garbage bag by referring that it was due to a matter of excess luggage. Read more: Tokyo 2020: Alejandra Valencia is inches away from the semi-final, loses to Mackenzie Brown Apparently it wasn’t enough reason and caused dozens of athletes and thousands of social media users to call the act a serious offense to Olympism and Mexico.

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