translated from Spanish: 10 years and one day: Walter Klug will enter Punta Peuco on Monday for violating human rights in endesa case

Walter Klug Rivera, better known as The Punta Peuco Prison, will begin serving a ten-year and one-day prison sentence for human rights violations during the Pinochet dictatorship, at the Punta Peuco Special Penitentiary Detention and Enforcement Center.
Gendarmerie personnel will arrive this Monday at the Chacabuco Regiment, where the former uniformed agent of the military dictatorship has remained in pretrial detention since his expulsion from Argentina. And from the military compound located in Concepcion, paola Plaza, judge in the Endesa case, will be taken to the office of the visiting minister, who will notify Klug of the sentence and order his entry into Punta Peuco.
Recall that Walter Klug, who made his military career in the army and after the coup was insanity repressing, persecuting, torturing and murdering supporters of the ousted Government of Allende in the province of Bío Bío, was arrested in 2019 in Europe, to where he escaped in 2015 prior to the notification of the ruling that condemned him as an accomplice in the disappearances and murders of 23 Endesa workers , in Los Angeles.
Klug Rivera was extradited, but not for that reason, but as a defendant for the disappearance of a student of the University of Concepción, an investigation in which he was finally acquitted, regaining his freedom, which allowed him to make a second escape to Argentina, being arrested and returned again to Chile exactly a month ago.
Having not been extradited in the Endesa case, the Judiciary had not been able to notify him until now of the final prison sentence handed down in 2015 by the Supreme Court.
A few days ago, the court reviewed the case of university student Luis Cornejo Fernández in which the Human Rights Program is asking that the acquittal be revoked and that Klug be convicted as an accomplice to the crime of aggravated kidnapping, which could increase the years in prison for anyone who was a member of the Army Intelligence during the dictatorship.

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