translated from Spanish: What happened on a day like today?

World.- In the ephemeris of this August 2, several important ones that marked the history of humanity stand out, for example: in 1990 Iraq invaded the emirate of Kuwait in a military operation that led to the Gulf War, in which a collation of 34 countries led by the United States was imposed on the Army of the dictator Saddam Hussein. After the conflict, the UN imposed a severe embargo on Iraq, which caused very serious social and economic upheavals in the country. What are the anniversaries of 2 August?
1483.- Bull of Sixtus IV in which he appointed Friar Tomás de Torquemada inquisitor general of Castile and León, a position he later extended to Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia.
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1814.- An Indian rebel movement that was about to achieve the independence of Peru explodes in Cuzco.1828.- Antonio José de Sucre resigns the Presidency of Bolivia.1845.- Franco-British naval forces capture the Argentine ships that blocked Montevideo, in the war that Rosas and Oribe held against Uruguay.1857.- The public lighting with gas is inaugurated in Mexico City.1858.- The British Parliament approves the Law of the Government of India that transferred all the authority of the East India Company to the British Crown.1872.- Manuel Pardo, founder of the Civilist Party, becomes president of Peru.1913.- The U.S. elevates to the category of Embassy its Delegation in Madrid.1921.- The Spanish resistance ceases in Nador, during the War in Morocco.1934.- Adolf Hitler assumes the presidency of the Third Reich.1939.- Einstein sends a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt , which promoted the idea of an atomic bomb at the governmental level.1940.- The Vichy Government condemns to death, for rebellion, General Charles De Gaulle.1945.- The Potsdam Conference ends, where the heads of the great powers decide after the German surrender, their administration as well as the new world order.1947.- The Chilean Government resigns: González Videla forms a new one with personalities without political affiliation.1964.- First attack of North Vietnam on the UNITED STATES.1980.- 85 dead in an attack perpetrated by neo-fascists in the railway station of Bologna (Italy).1984.- Great Britain and China reach an agreement by which the colony of Hong Kong was transferred in 1997 to the People’s Republic.1984.- Former Argentine President Jorge Rafael Videla is sent to pretrial detention by order of the Government of Raúl Alfonsín.1991.- Argentina and Chile partially solve their border problems pending since 1902 , except that of Laguna del Desierto.1994.- Dominican President Joaquín Balaguer is declared the winner of the elections held on May 16,1998.- The Italian Marco Pantani wins the most controversial Tour de France in history for a doping scandal starring Gallic cyclists.1999.- World premiere in Philadelphia of the film “The Sixth Sense” starring Bruce Willis.2000.-Vicente Fox is officially declared president of Mexico in a historic ceremony held at the headquarters of the Electoral Tribunal of the Electoral Judiciary of the Federation.2002.- The Turkish Parliament approves the abolition of the death penalty in peacetime.2005.- Apple presents its Mighty Mouse, the first multi-button usb mouse.2011.- The Guatemalan High Risk Court sentences to 6,060 years in prison each of the 4 ex-military accused of the massacre of 201 peasants (1982).2012.- Kofi Annan resigns as un special envoy for Syria.2016.- The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, registers as a candidate for a new re-election in the November elections, with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as a candidate for vice-presidency.2017.- The Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen of England, retires from public life at the age of 96. Read more: They could! Mexico wins gold in international mathematics competition2020.- José Antonio Yépez “el Marro”, leader of the powerful Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, is arrested in Mexico.2020.- SpaceX’s Dragon Endeavour spacecraft returns to earth from the International Space Agency in NASA’s first manned mission in more than a decade.Whatién was born on August 2?
1802.- Nicholas P. Wiseman, English cardinal, author of the historical novel “Fabiola”.1835.- Elisha Gray, American inventor, “father” of the music synthesizer.1884.- Romulo Gallegos, Venezuelan writer and politician.1905.- Myrna Loy, American actress.1923.- Simón Peres, Israeli politician.1925.- Jorge Videla, military officer and former Argentine president.1932.- Peter O’Toole, British actor.1942.- Isabel Allende Llona, Chilean writer.1969.- Angélica Rivera, actress and former first lady of Mexico. Who died on August 2?
1921.- Enrico Caruso, Italian tenor.1922.- Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.1976.- Fritz Lang, German filmmaker who went into exile in Hollywood.1996.- Michel Debré, French politician.1997.- William Burroughs, American writer.2003.- Fela Kuti, Nigerian singer and composer.2003.- Peter Safar, Austrian doctor inventor of word of mouth resuscitation.2004.- Henri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer.2016.- Ahmed Zuweil, American scientist of Egyptian origin and Nobel Prize of Quími ca.2020.- Leon Fleiser, American pianist of Jewish origin.

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