translated from Spanish: A 79-year-old woman was the leader of a drug gang in Spain

Madrid .- A 79-year-old Spaniard who allegedly led a drug trafficking organization was arrested in Portugal, Madrid authorities announced Tuesday. According to the Guardia Civil, this woman who was well over retirement age was the head of a group that imported cocaine from the Dominican Republic into Portugal. The suspect was arrested in Vila Real, in the north of the country, along with two other Spaniards aged 26 and 60, as part of a joint operation by Portuguese and Spanish law enforcement agencies.” They brought cocaine into the peninsula through Portuguese ports using a legal company they used to import coral stone from the Dominican Republic,” the Guardia Civil explained in its statement about the gang. The 79-year-old woman was the leader of the group, as well as being the visible head and owner of the company created as a screen,” he added. Investigators arrested the three suspects after inspecting the company’s headquarters in Portugal and discovering the drugs hidden in the walls of the containers carrying the stones. They also found cocaine hidden in the Portuguese home where they lived. This group acted as a wholesaler for other traffickers who later sold the drug, especially in southern Spain. The Iberian Peninsula is one of the main gateways for cocaine into Europe, where drug traffickers resort to strategies in many cases worthy of spy movies to bring their merchandise. Read more: Three Mexicans with 700 million pesos in cocaine fall, they were carrying it on a shipA narco-submarine from South America with a shipment of 100 million euros in cocaine was intercepted off the coast of the Spanish region of Galicia (northwest), near Portugal, in November 2019.

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