translated from Spanish: Aureoles accused of violating secrecy rules in the United States

Washington, D.C.- A few days ago, the governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, made public his meeting and alleged conversation with the chairman of the Standing Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives, Adam Schiff; the US official’s team made it clear that the state president violated the strict secrecy rules governing private conversations in Washington.
It’s not the first time Aureoles has broken protocols. Last year, he spread videos on social media urging nationalized Michoacans to vote for Biden, in a clearly interfering act.
According to a note from However,
“I got the impression that Congressman (Schiff), chairman of the committee, is very knowledgeable about the issue because he told me, ‘What is happening in Mexico is very serious.’ He agreed with me that democracy in the country is at risk… There was a phrase he used: ‘This has to shake up American politics,'” Aureoles said, describing Schiff’s alleged reaction.
At a press conference on Friday, Aureoles said that, in the meeting with Schiff, which he said lasted 45 minutes, he gave him a dossier of alleged confidential evidence showing how criminal groups terrorized the electorate to force them to vote for Morena in the June 6 “narco-election” in Michoacan.
According to the Michoacan politician, the California Democrat reportedly told him that “there is some reserve” and “prudence” in raising the issue of violence and narco-power in Mexico because the Biden administration needs the AMLO administration’s cooperation on migration.
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Schiff’s office corroborated the meeting with Aureoles, but strongly refuted his account of the conversation, which, he stressed, was private.
“We don’t comment on private meetings, but it’s not a true account of the discussion,” Lauren French, Schiff’s spokeswoman, told me, denying Aureoles’ claims.
The unusual rebuttal was in response to my question asking to corroborate Aureoles’ unilateral version that Schiff reacted “worriedly” to his claim that Mexico is becoming a “narco-state” and Morena a “narco-party,” exclaimed that he was going to “shake up U.S. politics” and claimed that it was not the right time to address the issue with Mexico.
In his capacity as chairman of the powerful House Standing Select Committee on Intelligence, Schiff is one of a handful of lawmakers with maximum “security clearence,” which gives him access to secret intelligence information. The committee he chairs has jurisdiction over 20 federal intelligence-gathering departments and agencies, including the State Department, FBI, CIA, NSA and DEA, among others.
Schiff receives people who ask him for an appointment and whose opinion he considers important to listen to. But they are private meetings, for non-attribution. By making public the content of his conversation with Schiff, which he first did on his Twitter account, Aureoles violated the strict secrecy rules governing private conversations in Washington.

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