translated from Spanish: Machi Linconao by conventional pro-government: “They want to take us, every day”

The machi Francisca Linconao, accompanied by conventional of the reserved seats, including the president of the Constitutional Convention, Elisa Loncon, defended herself to controversy with Jorge Arancibia and Ruth Hurtado in the Commission of Human Rights and of the accusations against her about alleged privileges, expenses and preferential treatment, after criticism by the ruling party andluego of addressing the media in Mapudungun , the machi accused in Spanish that they are working “with many problems”. “The party of the right attacks every day,” pointing directly to its constituent peers Teresa Marinovic and Ruth Hurtado.” I want President Piñera to talk to his people, to stop bothering me. If they keep bothering me, they’re not going to get anything out, because even if they tell me what they tell me, I’m going to keep working until the end,” he said. Regarding the accusations of privileges in the allocation of expenses, the Mapuche authority said that she “is not taking a piece of bread in the mouth of the people who are harassing me”””We want respect, respect for the Mapuches, machis, loncos and also the president that we have here. They want to take us, every day they talk about spending, money, where is the money? What expense do we spend? We didn’t eat, there’s no food here,” he said, calling the accusations against him a “disgrace.” Linconao was endorsed by the president of the CC, who referred to these accusations and them as “acts of racism, of violation of rights.” It is not possible for the dignity of our traditional authority, of our Mapuche authority, machi, woman, to be mistreated here at the convention. She is an authority and we cannot allow these acts to continue to happen,” he said. Both Loncon and other conventionals also referred to a controversy that took place in the Human Rights Commission over the conventional Jorge Arancibia, who has been asked to resign because of his proximity to the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.” The conventional Ruth Hurtado referred to our machi, she referred to it as the idea of tying and comparing Mr. Arancibia with our sacred machi,” said Adolfo Millabur, who added that this is a ruse by the government to “lose the horizon to discuss the fundamental issues that we have to discuss.” In this regard, Linconao herself said: “She attacks me, she tells me that I was in prison, what does that have to do with it? I was an innocent person when I was sent to jail and that’s why I’m here showing my face, I came with my forehead raised to work here. After this, the constituent Rosa Catrileo said that they will evaluate taking Ruth Hurtado before the Ethics Commission for referring to what the Machi lived, when faith imprisoned and then acquitted without evidence, and compare it with Arancibia.” It is necessary that these incitements to hatred that they are making have a stop,” he concluded.

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