translated from Spanish: 90 out of 100 positives are of this variant

In Mexico City, out of every 100 positive cases of COVID, 90 are delta, health secretary Oliva Lopez said.
In a press conference, he pointed out that this variant is already the dominant one in the capital.
“The delta variant is already the dominant one, as I had pointed out at other times, it is already about 90% of the predominance of sequenced tests that are not the whole estimate. Distribution in the city, 90% delta variant,” he said.

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He indicated that the delta variant displaced the alpha, which was held for two or three months, the range that was present and the Mexican call, the 159, which was responsible for the January wave.
Health Secretary Oliva Lopez said that the return to school is essential so it will not depend on the color of the traffic light, as Undersecretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell told governors on Thursday. In the city, he says, there will be a safe return with sanitary protocols.

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that you should return to classes even if the traffic light is not green. “If we do everything carefully and we are all responsible,” he says, he can return to the classroom.
Hospitalizations down but CDMX is still in orange
Eduardo Clark, director general of Digital Government of the ADIP, reported that on Thursday, hospital occupancy in Mexico City fell for the first time in 6 weeks.
Today there are 3,221 people hospitalized in the capital, an increase of 225 compared to last Friday. “It’s about half of the fastest growth we had about three weeks ago,” Clark said.
In addition, he said, the speed of hospital occupancy is falling by 61%, from 95 hospitalizations per day to 37 hospitalizations.
As for positivity, it is 18%. “We went from identifying 200 a day, at our lowest point in May, it grew significantly until two weeks ago, and we’ve been two weeks into which the number of daily positives has stopped growing,” Clark said.
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Edomex will continue in orange traffic light due to COVID
The State of Mexico will continue to be in orange light due to COVID-19 for the next two weeks, given the increase in infections, governor Alfredo del Mazo said.
Through a message on social networks, he pointed out that the delta variant is the one that has had the most progress because it is very contagious, so he asked the population to continue taking care of themselves.
“In the State of Mexico the number of infections continues to increase, during the next two weeks we will continue in orange traffic light,” he said.
The governor assured that vaccination against the coronavirus does work and helps to reduce the rate of infection and the number of hospitalized
“The vaccine works, the vaccine does help us to prevent diseases, contagions, and if it is contagious, it would have a much lower risk,” he said.

For the next two weeks, the #Edoméx will continue at orange traffic lights.
— Alfredo Del Mazo (@alfredodelmazo) August 6, 2021

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