translated from Spanish: Government reiterated that it is evaluating the expansion of the IFE and assures that “in the coming days there will be important announcements”

“We are going to make every effort and in the coming days there will be important announcements, it is not the time and the day to do it.” This is how Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado responded when asked about a possible extension of the Emergency Family Income until December. The secretary of state replied that “it is still necessary because there are still many families that of course continue to have negative externalities regarding the pandemic.” And along the same lines, with regard to the aid that families need, he also addressed the upcoming discussion of the fourth withdrawal of funds from the AFP. “The important thing here is to put on the table necessary aids for the people and the look of the fourth retreat is independent of this discussion. We have to have a social safety net robust enough and for as long as it takes and those announcements will be made soon,” he reiterated. In the same vein were the words of his counterpart Karla Rubilar, who also during this day was consulted about it. “We said we had the tools to extend the IFE if necessary, and what does it mean to do if necessary? it is that we have sanitary conditions or economic conditions that warrant that we need that extension. Therefore, we are constantly evaluating, it is something that is on the table and the most important thing is that the tool exists,” he said. And with this, he added that “the president said it and the finance minister also, we are going to accompany the families as long as necessary. Therefore, the IFE, which is maintained until September by law in the processing, can be extended until December if necessary,” he said.

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