translated from Spanish: TVN premieres two children’s programs about dinosaurs and scientific series in stop motion

The stop motion series “Zander” and the children’s program “Dinoexploradores” will be two series that will premiere this Sunday NTV, the new cultural signal of TVN that will begin broadcasting on August 8.
The first is a stopmotion animated series for children between 6 and 9 years old. Through a robot, made with recycled materials and books, Mila and Leo begin a journey of questions that will transport them to incredible places.
A national children’s educational program that will be the first of a philosophical nature, providing the grill with a quality product designed especially for its audience.
The presence of female roles linked to science and technology, as well as the promotion of autonomous thinking, tolerance and instances of dialogue between children and adults, are the central axis of this series.

For its part, “Dinoexploradores” is a children’s scientific series starring three explorers: Ernesto, Uruguayan physicist specializing in dinosaurs; Karen, a fossil hunter based in Valdivia; and Christian, a passionate explorer who has toured Antarctica, Patagonia and the Atacama Desert in search of new species.
They face everyday situations that force them to go out to investigate and learn first-hand the fossils and stories behind the fiercest predator that ever existed, the largest bird in the world, the most gigantic of the dinosaurs that has been discovered, among other milestones.
The series includes the scientist and popularizer Gabriel León, takes in the series the role of the Master Scientist, a clueless but curious researcher who supports the explorers in their missions and who helps them, in addition to fulfilling their objectives, to reach such relevant figures as the biologist Bruno Grossi, the astronomer José Maza, and paleontologist Christian Salazar.
The series was recorded in the locations of the most important discoveries made in Chile, Argentina and Colombia and has aroused international interest to be broadcast on the public signals of various South American countries.
NTV is the new cultural signal with children’s, family and educational content of TVN that was born under the wing of TV Educa Chile, the latter is an initiative managed by the National Television Council, the Ministry of Education and Anatel during the pandemic and in response to quarantines, which prevented face-to-face classes in educational establishments.
“NTV responds to what many parents have demanded; strengthen educational, cultural and entertaining content for girls and boys, and as CNTV we will continue to actively contribute to the signal with children’s content. This is the way in which public television and, by the way, national audiovisual production are strengthened with their valuable work, “said the president of CNTV, Carolina Cuevas.
“NTV is a clear example of the benefits of Digital TV, which allows TVN to have two signals on the air with different types of content,” he said.

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