translated from Spanish: Sheinbaum insists on orange and asks to update the traffic light

After reiterating that Mexico City cannot close activities again due to the rise in covid-19 infections, the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum considered necessary an update to the method of assigning the epidemiological traffic light. Although he recalled that the measure of risk assessment of contagion of the pandemic was recently updated, he said that it is necessary to give more weight to vaccination, because he reiterated that it is what has helped to reduce cases in Mexico City. “The only way to deal with COVID from our perspective at the moment, given that it is very difficult to close activities because of the economic situation of the city, first is to vaccinate and take health into our hands, that we take responsibility and the third thing is the house-to-house health program,” he said. He also reiterated that, although the capital of the country faces a difficult situation due to the third wave of the pandemic, it is thanks to vaccination that signs of improvement have been seen, and reiterated that the CDMX must continue in orange traffic light. Meanwhile, after the inauguration of the “Salesian” PILLARS, Sheinbaum Pardo justified his decision to keep the traffic light orange. “I don’t want us to get into the debate, whether it’s federal Secretary of Health or local Secretary of Health, our argument that we’re in orange, they have to do with the data of the last 10 days, sometimes the federal Secretary of Health takes previous data that are the ones that come in the health system,” he said. About the indicators Through his social networks, he reported on the indicators of the pandemic and shared graphs to show that the trend of active cases and hospital admissions has stabilized, although he did not talk about the color of the pandemic traffic light for Mexico City.” I want to share with you some facts about the pandemic situation in Mexico City. Our City is going through a complex moment; however, in recent days we see signs of improvement thanks to the progress of vaccination and to continue to take care of ourselves,” he said. Shienbaum noted that the Mexico City Center for Command, Control, Computation, Communications and Citizen Contact (C5) reports a downward trend in people with symptoms of COVID-19.” In the last 12 days there has been a 36 percent reduction in the number of people who have called 911 requesting care and ambulance dispatch,” said the head of government. We also observed for the first time in 11 weeks the stabilization of COVID-19 positive cases identified daily in Mexico City through PCR and antigen tests.” Similarly, continued Sheinbaum, recently nominated as the best mayor in the world, there is a slight downward trend in the number of active cases. He also explained that in Mexico City more than 90 percent of people aged 50 and over have their full vaccination schedule.” This has reduced the percentage of cases requiring hospitalization. From 19 hospitalized per 100 active cases to 5.5 in recent weeks. A reduction of 71 percent,” he said. While hospital occupancy continues to rise, in the last 10 days we have seen a stabilization of hospital admissions.” This means, Sheinbaum stressed, a 65 percent slowdown in the rate of growth in hospital occupancy that we project will continue in the coming days. Read more: My Scholarship to Start will increase support amounts from September: Sheinbaum “Today is the time to take care of ourselves to stop the virus. To achieve this, let’s get vaccinated when it touches us, continue to use the raincoat and avoid parties and gatherings. Only in this way will we together protect the health and employment of the families of our City,” he concluded.

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