translated from Spanish: Ibai told in stream how he met Messi

In the middle of the closing of a stage for Messi, the Argentine 10 held a private dinner where he invited close friends and among them Ibai and Coscu.During the afternoon of this afternoon, the Spanish streamer told how it was the way before meeting Messi and his reaction to seeing him.
Ibai began the anecdote by declaring “El Kun agüero is a spectacular person” and went on to explain that during a night when they had gone out to dinner with Coscu and the Kun, Messi communicated with the three through a video call in which they spoke for a while. The Spaniard went on to say “I know Messi knew me, but I’ve never bothered him, I’ve never told Kun to come to dinner, you don’t know the shame I get to tell him anything, but if God decides I have to meet him, I know him”After the scene of the video call, the Kun again invited you to dinner, but with a little surprise. Ibai told how it was the journey of the trip to reach the house of the 10th, where he believed that the Kun had taken them to the house “for me we were going to a restaurant to have dinner” exclaimed the Spaniard, also commented that the Kun’s mother when arriving at the house told him “Enjoy, this only happens once in a lifetime”. The Spanish streamer closed his anecdote by saying “I was in Messi’s house, not knowing it was Messi’s house” and sealed “Under two stairs and I see Messi barefoot with a Batman t-shirt and a Chicago Bulls short, and I say wait a second, he’s giving me a heart attack.”

Original source in Spanish

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