translated from Spanish: Joaquín Larrivey: “I would like my renewal to happen as soon as possible”

Joaquin Larrivey, Argentine striker from Universidad de Chile, referred to his continuity in the blue box and admitted that he hopes “that it happens as soon as possible” the issue of his renewal. However, the collegiate scorer does not dramatize if he fails to prolong their bond by stating that “I am open to hearing other possibilities”. Speaking to La Tercera, the current 2021 Shipbuilding Championship gunner stated that “I feel full and I know I can play for a long time to come. I would like it to happen as soon as possible, for the tranquility that one should have and also for the peace of the family.” I am excited that they will contact each other and we will reach a good conclusion, but if not, I am open to hearing other possibilities because things in football do not always go as you wish. One has to plan with the family and the priority is the University of Chile. But if they don’t show up, I will listen to other offers,” he added. As for his current good time, the 36-year-old said that “I always have the illusion of scoring a goal and now I have eight consecutive games doing it, which tells you that I am being effective when it comes to defining. But I think the most important thing and the most beautiful thing, is that my goals always served to get some point, either to draw or win.” I’ve been scoring 15 or 16 goals a season for 10 years and maybe people don’t know that, but these numbers are a healthy habit for me,” he said.

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