translated from Spanish: Macri arrived this afternoon in the country and joins the campaign of Together for Change

This Monday at noon, and after a month and a half in Europe, Mauricio Macri arrived in Argentina on an Iberia flight. The former president landed in Ezeiza and left the airport aboard a van and without giving statements to the press. Now, the former president will have to complete the seven days of isolation ordered by the Ministry of Health of the Nation. After weeks of speculation surrounding his return, the opposition leader is back in the country and is expected to join the campaign of Juntos por el Cambio en Provincia (with Diego Santilli) and Ciudad de Buenos Aires (María Eugenia Vidal). Macri traveled to Europe on June 27. In the old continent, he was in Switzerland and Spain, where he participated in different events, in his role as president of the FIFA Foundation and presenting his book “Primer tiempo”. His return was scheduled for mid-July, but, amid restrictions that limited the entry of passengers into the country, he had to stay a few more weeks in Europe.There, he stayed away from the electoral arming of the opposition coalition. This task was left in the hands of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who imposed Vidal and Santilli in the City and Province of Buenos Aires.In this context, the former president will join the campaign a month of the PASO, in the midst of a truce between the sector most linked to the PRO and the RADICAL, after weeks of cross-declarations, mainly, in the Buenos Aires prison, where the former deputy head of the Buenos Aires government will compete against Facundo Manes, a UCR candidate.

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