translated from Spanish: ‘Do you think I’m going to trust the Judiciary? It’s rotten,’ says AMLO

On Sunday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he does not trust the judiciary “because it is rotten.”
The president’s remarks came during an event on the Healthy Water for La Laguna program, where he referred to opponents of the project who have sought to protect themselves against the work.
“If the amparos have already begun, then we will not be able to finish the work. Do you think I’m going to trust the Judiciary? I’m not sucking my finger; unfortunately, the Judiciary is rotten,” he said.
According to López Obrador, “there are honourable exceptions, not to generalize, but judges, magistrates and ministers are at the service of vested interest groups and have a very conservative, ultraconservative mentality.”
He also said that if the Judiciary were reliable, “I would say there is no problem, we are going to litigation, we are going to show that there are no affectations, but no. We get into that, we get caught up, we get a complaint and then another, and another, and time goes out. It’s a delaying tactic and the work isn’t done, there are already tenders in this case.”

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The president said that they will try to convince the opponents of the project so that it is carried out, so he promised that a consultation will be held among the population.
“We can reach an agreement among all that we are going to help, convince those who have filed these amparos to withdraw them; if they don’t remove them, the work isn’t going to be done. That’s clear,” he said.
He asked the governors of Durango and Coahuila, with municipal presidents, producers’ associations, and environmentalists, to hold “an orderly debate, that everyone be heard, that they inform themselves well.”
He gave a deadline of late September or early October to decide “among all” and said he will not be “held hostage by anyone.”
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