translated from Spanish: Constitutional Convention will meet for the first time outside the RM: Decentralization Commission will hold hearings in Arica

The Constitutional Convention will meet for the first time outside the Metropolitan region, with the holding of 16 public hearings of the Decentralization Commission, which will take place at the University of Tarapacá in the city of Arica.
A total of 10 organizations from the region of Arica and Parinacota, 5 from the region of Antofagasta and one from the region of Tarapacá, will present their proposals on how the Convention should operate in a decentralized manner and with territorial justice.
The session will be attended by constituents Jorge Abarca (D1), Cristina Dorador (D3), Álvaro Jofré (D2), Pablo Toloza (D3) and Hernán Velásquez (D3). Meanwhile, the remaining members of the commission will join the meeting electronically.
Cristina Dorador, coordinator of the Decentralization Commission and constituent of district 3, highlighted the relevance of this first session outside santiago. “It is a historic milestone because it is the first time that the Convention has met in the territories, and because it sets the tone for the work for the commissions that are created after the regulation. We are ready to move forward so that people see in reality the work of the convention and can participate directly.” Said.
The organizations from the region of Arica and Parinacota that will be exhibited are: Mesa Técnico Política Pueblo Tribal; Cosapilla Indigenous Community; Indigenous Social Movement, REBORN; Asociación Indígena de Ganaderos Social y Cultural de General Lagos; Chamber of Tourism Shrimps; Collective of Non-Neutral Independents; Mr. Germán Rodríguez Pacheco; Comité Azapa Comuna Rural, Fundación Arica VIVA and Pueblo de Cobija.
From the region of Antofagasta they expose: Council of Atacameños Peoples; Citizen Movement of Calama; Rio Loa Coordinator; Assembly of Struggling Organizations – Calama; Civil Society for Climate Action – Antofagasta. Meanwhile, from the Region of Tarapacá will present the Citizen Movement of Tamarugal “Pampa”.

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