translated from Spanish: Nicolas Kreplak: “We have been controlling the Delta variant”

On Monday, the Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Nicolas Kreplak, said that Argentina “is controlling” the progress of the Delta variant throughout the country. He made this known in a radio conversation with El Destape: “For now we have been controlling the Delta. First because there is a very strong work in the entry into the country, which is the work that had to be done to be able to make a lot of progress with vaccination.” In the next week I think we’re going to have record number of vaccinated in the province in one day. The job is being done well to prevent the Delta from entering or entering as slowly as possible,” he added.
Subsequently, the head of the Buenos Aires health portfolio disclosed some difference regarding the predominance of variants of COVID-19 between countries of the Southern Hemisphere and countries of the Northern Hemisphere.” The Manaus and Andean variants, which occupy 80% of the variants circulating in the Province, are not predominant variants in the Northern Hemisphere. There the British variant was consolidated, which in Argentina was very quickly replaced by the South American variants. And the Delta produced a third wave in countries that had predominance of the British variant. In the Southern Hemisphere that did not happen,” he said. He added: “It may end up happening in South America, we still don’t know, but it’s been two months since the Delta was circulating in South America and it didn’t produce what happened in North America and Europe in four weeks.” On the other hand, Kreplak celebrated the collection by the population of Buenos Aires and the progress of the vaccination campaign, which has already exceeded 10 million people with the full vaccination schedule and assured that the arrival of Pfizer doses is expected in September.
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