translated from Spanish: Juan Andrés Salfate: “Tsoukalos follows me on social networks, we talk about the UFO issue”

History Channel announced a special edition of the popular program “Ancestral Aliens”, a series of eight episodes among which one that will have Chile as its protagonist. The program hosted by the renowned expert ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos will collect outstanding cases that occurred in Latin America over 10 years, contextualized with interviews with different Latin experts on the subject that will explore and examine the evidence that verifies the presence of alien life in America Latina.De according to what History said, Chile will be the protagonist country in the first episode, which will be broadcast on Saturday, August 21 at 21:00 hours. In this episode will participate the ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida and the ufological commentator, writer and television presenter Juan Andrés Salfate.De according to the latter, the result of his appearance in the project would be appreciated by social networks, since the host of the program, Tsoukalos, was one of his 290 thousand followers on Instagram.” During an interview with Giorgio Tsoukalos, he greets me and tells me that he follows me on social media,” he shares to hoyxhoy. “Then he tells me about a post he had made regarding the UFO topic,” he adds. According to what he says, after that interview, he was contacted a few days later to participate in the new program. According to the Chilean, so far he has only shared with Tsoukalos via Zoom during a meeting to celebrate season 17 of “Ancestral Aliens” a few weeks ago. About his experience in the eight-episode special, Salfate says that it is “very uplifting to be able to work with professionals in these matters, in charge of bringing to the whole world a theme that increasingly fascinates viewers”. In the same way, he admits to being grateful for “the recognition as a communicator of these topics”. On the importance of ufology on national soil, Salfate explains that “in Chile we can see an extraordinary range of events and phenomena of this type. From close encounters with the presence of humanoids to accounts of commercial and air force pilots claiming to have encountered alleged unidentified flying objects.” Chile is one of the countries in Latin America where there are more sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects. There is a state department in charge of studying these phenomena because it considers it a real and important issue,” he adds. In this regard, the television presenter says that he is working with Francisco Ortega to launch a second book of “The New Witches”, which is in his words “referring to the subject of UFO sightings and the respective encounters with their entities”. In the program he will also discuss Mayan secrets and prophecies, the ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia, the archaeological complex of Teotihuacán in Mexico and the Nazca lines in Peru.

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