translated from Spanish: Public Ministry asks to formalize former director of the PDI Héctor Espinosa for embezzlement of public funds and money laundering

The regional prosecutor of Magallanes, Eugenio Campos, filed a letter before the Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago to formalize the former director of the Investigation Police (PDI), Héctor Espinosa, as the author of repeated crimes of embezzlement of public funds, falsification of public instrument and money laundering.
The case against the former director of the PDI began on December 31, 2020, when the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) reported suspicious financial transactions of Espinosa and his wife, María Neira Cabrera, who is an official of the Internal Revenue Service (SII) and who is also formalized as an author of money laundering.
According to the newspaper La Tercera, the key testimony is that of the deputy commissioner of the PDI, Eduardo Inostroza, who was Espinosa’s assistant. He “ordered” him, as he said in his testimony, to fill in documents of millionaire cash deposits he made to the accounts of Espinosa and his spouse in the branches of Banco Estado, on Rosas Street, and Banco de Chile, on Bandera Street.
The former assistant will also be formalized for his participation as the author of laundering and complicit in the diversion of the fiscal coffers, although he decided to collaborate to clarify the facts that according to him were rather “orders” that he had to comply with.
In the investigation, at least 53 cash deposits totaling about $140 million were detected that went to the current accounts of the Bank of Chile of Espinosa and his wife for amounts equal to or greater than $1 million per month and another that the policeman had in the Banco Estado, facts for which the State Defense Council (CDE) complained.

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