translated from Spanish: San Clemente: They denounce failure in cold chain that affected 4 thousand vaccines

From the Municipality of San Clemente they denounced that the failure in a refrigerator of the Family Health Center (Cesfam) of the commune affected the cold chain of about 4 thousand vaccines against Covid-19 and Influenza.According to T13, the Investigation Police (PDI) arrived at the Cesfam to investigate the situation, not knowing for the moment if the failure was caused by a power outage or a voltage rise. Prefect Juan Carlos Moya explained that “we are working with the Health Seremi to establish the circumstances in which the cold chain of vaccines would supposedly have been altered.” However, Claudia Ortega, nurse in charge of the Regional Immunization Program of the Maule Health Seremi, said that “there is no vaccine that has suffered loss so far.” The vaccines were immediately protected in a cold chain, he barely noticed this temperature excursion, and right now we have them,” he added. In the same vein, he maintained that “the Ministry of Health is doing a study of the thermostability of the vaccines, and they are going to consider whether the vaccines are optimal to be used or not, and they have already decided that the Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines did not alternate their thermostability.”

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