translated from Spanish: They report under the exchange of tools and uniforms in Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Suppliers of school supplies and uniforms in Guasave reported that there was an atypical exchange to be considered the lowest of all the years since the program is active, this despite the fact that the return to face-to-face classes was already confirmed for next Monday, August 30.  Affiliated traders pointed out that they are adhering to anti-covid protocols, and even ask beneficiaries to come with pen in hand for the signing of documents, this for greater control.  Rosa Amalia Leyva Castro, president of Asepa, Sinaloan Association of Stationery and Related Entrepreneurs AC, reports that at the state level low influx was reported, but guaranteeing free spaces and agile procedures, which gives security to those who come to do the management.  He said that mothers were passing through the exchange center and when they did not see a line, they were encouraged to carry out the procedure. Contrary to what they believed would be long lines on the first day, the population that collected the benefit granted by the government was minimal. Leyva Castro considered that it may also have influenced the low influx that the beginning was surprising and has misinformation about it, but invited to make the exchange, presenting the parent or guardian, CURP of the student, end-of-course ballot, or student’s key, pre-registration folio, this only for the students of new entry and who did the procedure online, and a copy of the official identification of the adult who does the procedure.  “They’re like they’re taking care of themselves a little bit more and we call on them to follow the protocols, preferably come with their own pen.” Leonor Espinoza, president of Canaco in the municipality, reported that according to a survey that was carried out among the 29 suppliers of garments and teaching materials during the first day the influx was minimal, which could indicate that the new mechanics to avoid crowds is resulting, or because of the conditions of Covid-19 the beneficiaries are reserving. Situations that will become clear up once the weeks have passed.  In Guasave there are 14 certified suppliers of uniforms, but there are 54 exchange centers distributed in the capital, syndicates and communities, while there are 15 suppliers of school supplies, in 24 centers.  According to the official website, there are 85,787 uniforms to be delivered and 41,461 packages of school supplies, from August 17 to October 1. “Through a poll, up to 20 percent of uniforms were exchanged, but this day we are told that it has been very little influx.”  Following the protocols they are already prepared with their pen. On the official website of the Free Uniforms and School Supplies Program 2021-2020, it is specified that week 1, which runs from August 17 to 22, the exchange will be made for those who have their last name starting with the letters A, B and C. Week 2, from 23 to 29 August, those of the letters D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and in week 3, from 30 August to 5 September, the initial L and M. In week 4, from September 6 to 12, the letters N, O, P, Q and R. Read more: Unconfirmed cases of black mushroom in the state of SinaloaContinuating with week 5, from September 13 to 19, those of S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, and finally, from September 20 to October 1, in week 6, all students who have not made the exchange. If you have any irregularities or problems with the exchange, you should contact Call Center at 667-846-42-20. Relaunching social programmes

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