translated from Spanish: “The Kingdom”: Peter Lanzani leads the cast in this preview of the series

Peter Lanzani directs the new preview of “The Kingdom”, which frame by frame reveals who is who in the Argentine series that recently landed on Netflix.The actor also plays Tadeo in the fiction, created by the writer Claudia Piñeiro and the director Marcelo Piñeyro, a young Christian in charge of the children’s home, space of the evangelical church led by Pastor Emilio (Diego Peretti) with Pastor Elena (Mercedes Morán).

The clip presents one by one the characters concentrated their own, in key actions for the development of the plot. But we also see them sing the theme of religious charisma composed by the producer and artist Nico Cotton, which contrasts with the images that are happening.

“The experience of being able to direct the actors of the series that is one better than the other and whom I admire deeply, for me it was incredible, I enjoyed it very much,” Lanzani says in a statement that Netflix shared with this medium.

“I accepted it completely happy, because I love to venture in and try new things. We try to make a genuine piece, that is nice to see, that tells us the information we needed, with some crazy ideas. The idea of putting together the script was to present the characters singing a theme about love while a little darker things happened, which is a bit of the essence of the series,” he adds.
“The Kingdom” is composed of eight episodes focusing on the universes of religion, politics and justice. A thriller executed by a cast of talents that complete the Chino Darín as Julián Clamens, Joaquín Furriel as Rubén Osorio, Nancy Dupláa as the prosecutor Roberta Candia, Vera Spinetta as Ana Vázquez Pena, Nico García as Remigio Cárdenas, Sofía Gala as Celeste, Santiago Korovsky as Ramiro Calderale and participations of Alejandro Awada, Daniel Fanego, Ana Celentano.

From Filo.News we chatted with Claudia Piñeiro who told us how it was the assembly of “The Kingdom”, and Vera Spinetta, who differentiates the universe embodied in the series than that of her beliefs. And also with Mercedes Morán, who also went through Caja Negra where she talked about everything.

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