translated from Spanish: U.S. Embassy recommends not approaching Kabul Airport

The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has advised U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Kabul airport because of “potential security threats,” while the U.S. military has begun expanding its evacuation operations beyond the facility, now in absolute chaos. In a notice on its website, the Embassy urges citizens to stay away from airport entrances “unless they receive individual instructions from a representative of the U.S. government” to attend.” U.S. citizens requesting assistance in leaving the country who have not yet completed the Request for Repatriation Assistance for each traveler in their group should do so as soon as possible,” according to the memo. In addition, “spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan who are awaiting immigrant visas must also complete the relevant forms if they wish to depart,” the mission adds. Shortly after the publication of the Embassy’s notice, US General William Taylor assured that the airport remains a safe place and confirmed the presence of 5,800 military personnel participating in the evacuation operation. The spokesman avoided describing the current situation in Kabul in specific terms but merely reiterated that the embassy’s view has been a “prudent notification to ensure that any movement” outside the airport is carried out in a “safe and orderly” manner. Taylor explained that in the last 24 hours six C-17 aircraft and six other flights with 3,800 people have departed. Since the end of July there are 22,000 people evacuated, 13,000 of them in the last week, as reported yesterday by the President of the United States, Joe Biden.Meanwhile, thousands of people have tried to stage a new entrance this morning at the Kabul airport, frightened by the gunfire that is constantly being heard in the vicinity of the facility. Witnesses from The British channel Sky News speak of a particularly critical situation, in what is “the worst day so far” since the evacuations began. Sources at the network have confirmed that many of the Afghans waiting in the vicinity are already receiving medical attention and that the shooting from the surrounding area is the work of military forces that are clearing the area to “relieve pressure on the front”. The German Army has confirmed the arrival of two Airbus H145M military helicopters from Wunstorf, assigned to special forces and requested by the United States, as confirmed by the military on its Twitter account.

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