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Behind the screen is a section dedicated to emerging streamers, where the interviewee lets us see their reality, their effort and their sacrifices to leave everything in each of their streams and be able to create their own community. Today it is the case of Milualarcon, a young streamer of 18 years who tells us what it is like to be behind a screen and create good content for her community. From Santa Fe to the world, Miranda allowed us to interview her and be able to tell them how her day to day is. Filo.News: Did you know the world of streaming a long time ago? What was your first foray into the platform? Any referents you have? Milualarcon: I met the world of streaming in quarantine, more precisely in September 2020, in a few weeks it will be a year since I am inside the platform. I’ve never heard of Twitch or people who have done it or do. In that year I met Tiktok which was like the urge to get on Twitch, I made videos every day for the general public and I also used the live ones to interact with people, that’s when I realized that I really liked talking to people and meeting them. One day a friend told me that he was doing live on Twitch, he told me all about that platform and he recommended that, if I liked to do live on Tiktok, I try, able I liked it. After thinking almost a month I decided to create an account and try, the one who does not risk does not win. I never went to consume Twitch until today that I usually do it with channels of friends to support and accompany them. Filo.News: What was it like when you considered turning on the camera? Milualarcon: The truth is that turning on the camera was very difficult because I did not know how to handle different situations, I do not regret that I was about half an hour looking at the “Initial transmission” button until I achieve it, I have a great time and I do not regret having done it. It felt very nice as there were people either my friends who were there to support me.
Filo.News: It is known that you study and stremeás Was it difficult for you to accommodate both things? Milualarcon: At the beginning of the year, when I was studying and doing direct the truth that was very complicated for me, the university demands a lot of time that I would have liked to invest it in something else, that’s when I decided not to study and dedicate myself to streaming and all social networks. It was a very difficult decision because I tried very hard to get into the race and also my parents were very happy with me studying, but I did not. I got into college a lot and when I wanted to do what I like which is to be in front of a screen and talk, I was always tired, I didn’t turn on and the next day I felt really bad.
Filo.News: How did you feel your way to where you are today? Milualarcon: The road was very difficult, whether for personal things or not. Getting on Twitch involves putting up with a lot of things and continuing regardless, whether with support or without support. If you like you should do it, go on, go on and not look back. I had a hard time getting to where I am today, this requires putting aside the bad comments, because to talk there are many people but to be encouraged to do what we do there is little. Once I learned to handle those situations everything was easier, as the channel grew I had to have a stronger character and not get carried away by what others say or even people who only entered the channel to throw negative things. Filo.News: What does the stream represent in your life? Milualarcon: The stream for me is my place, it is where I am totally me and happy. Every day I wake up happy because I know I’m going to turn on and there will be all the little people who belong to my community supporting me as they do every day. From the bottom of my heart, I feel like I love them a lot and to me they are all like my brothers. Filo.News: Did you ever think about leaving everything? Why? Milualarcon: Yes, a lot of times I wanted to leave everything included Instagram and all the other networks, but I always get to the same point, I really like what I do and it’s not worth leaving everything for a stream that didn’t go well or a video that didn’t go as I expected, we all have bad days, but nevertheless come others that are better. So I learned that despite the visualizations or the follow-ups always when I turn on there are the people who really want to see, hear and interact with me. Filo.News: What kind of content can we find on your channel? Milualarcon: In my channel I usually do IRL which is based on talking to people, debating and talking about their interests. A few months ago I was able to buy my own PC and I started including both battle royale and Fortnite games, stories like Beyound Two Souls and games where you can participate in chat. But my forte is to talk, ask questions, meet, dedicate myselfand to get some laughs from people who didn’t have a very good day and also, if possible, try to help them with their problems. Filo.News: How would you define each stream of yours? Milualarcon: A stream of mine I feel I would define as varied, although sometimes I run out of content to talk about and try to get talk to entertain us. Filo.News: What do you enjoy most about being live? Milualarcon: What I enjoy most is being able to meet new people and let them know me and my community. Spend time together, share moments and laughter.
Filo.News: How would you describe your community? Milualarcon: The community we believe can be called as a family. It is my goal that we are all friends and that we can help each other when we need it most, I love going into the chat and seeing how they greet each other and how they maintain respect for me, the moderators and others. Filo.News: Do you have any short-term goals? What do you look like between now and the end of the year as a streamer? Milualarcon: My goal was to reach 10k and we achieved it, now we are going for the partner, we are all working together on it, in addition to trying to grow our community. Between now and the end of the year I see myself collaborating with other streamers and keep getting into it to get to the goal. Filo.News: What advice would you give to those who want to start? Milualarcon: The advice I give everyone is to be encouraged and leave behind the bad and negative comments. But one thing I do want to emphasize is that when you start from 0 there’s a whole difficult trajectory of highs and lows that we all go through. It’s not like you’re going to turn on and suddenly pum! You will have 1k of followers and 30 people to see you, it is a very complex path, but do not be discouraged and give it ahead. If I’m making it, you can too.
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