translated from Spanish: Protests continue in France over mandatory use of Covid passport

For the sixth week in a row, French citizens took to the streets of the country’s main cities to protest against the mandatory use of the health passport implemented by the government of President Emmanuel Macron.

According to local media, there were protests in Paris, Toulon, Marseille, Montpellier and Perpignan, although there were about 200 demonstrations called. The Covid-19 passport is a certificate proving that a person was vaccinated against the coronavirus, tested negative for the virus or recovered from the disease of the pandemic. Since July 21, in France began to require this document to access cultural and leisure places, while since August 9, it is mandatory to go to a bar or a restaurant and travel by planes and long-distance trains. Meanwhile, Macron wants to impose mandatory vaccination for health workers before September 15, the date from which inspections will be carried out and sanctions will be applied.

In the streets: protests continue in France with the mandatory use of the Covid passport. Photo: Reuters (Christian Hartmann)

The French Government ordered this measure due to the increase in positive cases in the country since last July. So far, France has given 82 million doses of vaccines and completed the schedule to nearly 37 million people, or 54.9% of its 67 million inhabitants.

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