translated from Spanish: Saving lives, the satisfaction of José, Firefighter of Escuinapa

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- With a great vocation of service and love to his community, José Antonio Delgado López joined for nine years to Volunteer Firefighters of Escuinapa, where he has managed to acquire the necessary knowledge to save lives and fight the fires that have been registered in the municipality. His entry to the relief corporations was when he was 17 years old, to perform his social service in Civil Protection, but the truck bomb and the team of Volunteer Firefighters attracted his interest, so he completed his social service in the latter corporation in Escuinapa.” I entered doing the social service to Civil Protection in 2013 and from there I was invited to the firefighters guard and from there I began to motivate a lot of the truck and the equipment they use, which caused me a lot of motivation, I made my change to firefighters, from there I stayed as a volunteer”, said Delgado López.Little by little he was preparing with training courses in various states of the republic with national fire departments and foreigners from San Diego, New York, Canada, Tijuana, Nogales, Michoacán, Jalisco, Mazatlan and Culiacán.Su love for his work and his dedication allowed him to climb in the corporation where he has served as deputy commander for two years and later was at the head of this corporation. The young firefighter has contributed to a large number of emergencies in Escuinapa. Photo: Debate He currently serves as deputy operational commander of Civil Protection, but has never stopped being aware and participating in Volunteer Firefighters.” It’s very motivating when you support and they say thank you, but it’s also very sad when we have to witness the loss of life or people being left with nothing because of a fire,” he said. Delgado López recalled with great pride one of his services where he participated to rescue the lives of several people who were involved in a car accident on Mexico Highway 15.” A rescue that marked me was one that we did on December 28 in an accident that was recorded in the Loma Atravesada, where I applied 100 percent all my knowledge obtained in the training courses where we did work with the hydraulic equipment of the jaws of life, where we managed to save the life of the driver of a funeral home”, Mentioned. He said that their collaboration has not only been at the local level, they have also participated in fires and accidents in El Rosario and Villa Unión.Another of the anecdotes shared by the former commander and now a volunteer firefighter was that of an accident of a double trailer pipe that was carrying turbosina, where Firefighters Escuinapa did the work of controlling and extinguishing the fire for 25 hours. Read more: Construction of homes for community members in Santa Maria is progressing at a good pace: QuirinoDelgado López took the opportunity to congratulate his colleagues on August 22, Firefighter’s Day, where he allowed himself to dream for a moment and wish that in the not too distant future this corporation could have its own base and better equipment that allows them to strengthen and consolidate volunteer firefighters of Escuinapa. Man is surrounded by 50 sharks off the coast of Britain and survives to count it

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