translated from Spanish: Several journalists arrested at press freedom protest in Moscow

Several journalists have been arrested on Saturday during a protest for press freedom in Moscow following the designation of a critical television as a “foreign agent”, as it was reported on Sunday. The journalists picketed several pickets with banners with slogans such as “Journalism is not a crime” or “You are afraid of the truth” in Moscow’s Lubianka Square, where the Russian federal police, the FSB, is headquartered, thus avoiding strict legislation on Russian demonstrations. However, there were several arrests, reports U.S.-funded radio station Radio Free Europe.La protest was called following the Russian Justice Ministry’s announcement last Friday designating Dozhd television, investigative journalism portal Vazhnye Istorii (Important News) and seven journalists as organizations and individuals considered “foreign agents.” Dozhd has criticized the designation and announced his intention to appeal the measure. The network has a long tradition of giving space and voice to kremlin-critical figures and has traditionally reported on protests against President Vladimir Putin.La classification as a “foreign agent” affects people or organizations with foreign funding that carry out political actions and serves, according to human rights organizations, to persecute dissent. It allows for greater scrutiny of these individuals and organizations by law enforcement and affects their credibility and ability to attract advertisers.” The Russian authorities’ blatant attempt to classify independent media as ‘foreign agents’ must end,” Amnesty International said in a statement. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has also urged the Russian Ministry of Justice to “put an end to this defamatory and liberticidal record that threatens pluralism.” “Being on the list means marking publications with the label of ‘foreign agent’ in huge letters and declaring all their income and expenses to the Ministry. These restrictive measures scare advertisers and discredit the affected media,” the organization added.

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