translated from Spanish: Constitutional Convention will meet in Rancagua aiming at decentralization

The conventional constituent for the 15th district, Matías Orellana, announced on Monday through his social networks that the decentralization commission of the Convention will travel to the O’Higgins region to receive on the ground the organizations and institutions of the area that requested public hearings. The session will be held this Tuesday from 3:30 p.m. at O’Higgins University and will be attended by Cristina Dorador, Jennifer Mella, Fernando Salinas, Cesar Uribe and Carol Bown, among other conventions. In this regard, Orellana said that “Without a doubt this is a very important milestone for our region and a milestone for decentralization in the country. We know how important it is for the territories and their communities that this Constitution should begin to be written from the regions. That is the promise we made from the decentralization commission and it is what we are fulfilling today,” said lawyer Matías Orellana, a native of Rancagua.Among the organizations that will be present at the hearings are the Coordinator of Chilean Women from the Foreign Region, the cultural group Siembra and the NGO Tejiendo Ecologías, among other organizations and authorities in the area. The session will be transmitted through the social networks of the conventional constituent Matías Orellana and through on Instagram:

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