translated from Spanish: Government announced the extension of the Employment Protection Act for another month

The Government decided to extend the Employment Protection Act for a further month, which was due to expire on 6 September, but due to its use, it will be extended until 6 October.
According to information from La Tercera, the extension of this benefit grants an additional transfer from the Solidarity Unemployment Fund of the Unemployment Insurance, which translates into up to 19 transfers for suspended workers who have exhausted their previous drafts.
The Ministry of Labour also informed the aforementioned media that the validity of the Protected Parenting Laws will be extended, which provides for parental preventive medical leave (LMPP), which allows postnatal leave to be extended for up to 90 days; the unilateral suspension of the employment contract for reasons of care, in addition to a benefit of up to 90 additional days for workers who used such leave at least once.
On the other hand, the temporary reduction of the working day will remain in force until December 31, 2021.
The Government indicated that the Employment Protection Law made it possible to take care of more than 800 thousand workers, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. To date, there have been 89,249 suspensions under this law and 47,269 are for acts of authority.
In this regard, Labor Minister Patricio Melero explained that “our economy is recovering strongly. Today there is no commune in quarantine, many are in phases that allow greater mobility and capacity, and with this, employment is recovering strongly. We are in a moment of reactivation and opening up, and we have multiple state aid to boost employment, support families and SMEs to recover strongly”.
“We call on companies to return their workers and offer new jobs. Today there are economic conditions and support mechanisms for this,” he added.

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