translated from Spanish: Piñera calls on the world to “avoid an environmental holocaust”

During this day, President Sebastián Piñera referred at length to the climate emergency situation affecting the planet, indicating that it is a “moral duty” of the governments and citizens of the world to take action to “avoid an environmental holocaust”. It should be noted that the president’s words come in the context of the development of the first green hydrogen molecule in Chile, an element he referred to as “a clean fuel” and that “will allow us a huge reduction in CO2 emissions in our country.” In the instance he also had words for the UN report on climate change, indicating that the experts stated that “the environmental damage is much greater than we had anticipated, that the speed is much faster and that a part is irreversible”, and that therefore “We can not continue talking about climate change, we have to talk rightly about climate crisis.” He also pointed out that “citizenship demands as a moral imperative to change the course of things” and that for the same reason “It is the moral duty of all the governments of the world and of the citizens to ‘take the bull by the antlers’ and change the course of history to avoid an environmental holocaust.” Meanwhile, the President was also emphatic in pointing out that “Chile is one of the 10 nations in the world most vulnerable to climate change” and in that sense “The drought that affects us in the last 12 years strongly illustrates the vulnerability of our country to the climate crisis.” On a more positive note, Piñera remarked that “Chile has a gigantic potential to become a leading country in the world” in the production of green hydrogen, and that “Today we have the possibility of creating a new industry.”

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