translated from Spanish: Previews of “Días de gallos”, the first Argentine series for HBO Max

The first Argentine production is coming for HBO Max: “Días de gallos”, a series that in the last few hours unveiled unpublished advances introducing us to its three protagonists, marked by their difficulties and objectives to overcome. Directed by Joaquín Cambré, the story focuses on “three young people want to earn a place in the competitive world of freestyle rap battles; a dangerous combination of friendship, sex and love while facing stiff competition and trying to learn from his mistakes”, as his filmmakers anticipate and we can see in the advances.

Angela Torres as Rafaela “If you’re a kid it’s always much harder. They say you can’t because you’re a woman, that we’re going elsewhere, that I can’t because I’m a mother and I should act and see myself as one. They want me to believe that I can’t be calmer. I have plenty of desire and they will see how I can”, he anticipates.

Ignacio “Ecko” Spallatti is Leon, a character we see in a kind of office, he tells us about successes and mistakes. “I was very wrong, but not now. This is what I want,” he says, and what he wants is to rap.

Tomas Wicz is Andy, a young non-binarie willing to give all his passion on stage and off it, to tell the world who he is. “I’m tired of this society obsessed with labeling everything. Don’t me with that, the path of my identity is just mine, he says.

The cast is completed with renowned talents such as Carlos Portaluppi, Delfina Chaves, Julieta Zylberberg, Paola Barrientos, Lautaro Delgado, Laura Cymer and Franco Rizzaro. In turn, freestyle artists such as Klan, Stuart, Roma, Cacha and Tata participate.It is composed of ten episodes of forty-five minutes each, created by Hernán Guerschuny (“Almost happy”), Lucas Jinkis; and written by Joaquín Bonet with authorial collaboration of Sofia Whilhelmi.

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