translated from Spanish: Government spokesman and Sichel’s candidacy: “There is no option that the next government will be one of continuity”

Government Spokesman Jaime Bellolio referred to the presidential candidacy of Sebastian Sichel, and ruled out that the former secretary of state is a “continuity” of the current government of Sebastian Pinera. “There is no doubt that there is no option for the next government to be one of continuity, because Chile is in a process of very profound change,” he said. With this, he replied that “any government that comes later, is going to be a government of change. So trying to shape some, I see it as part of the political strategy of, not being able to hold their own ideas, hitting the front.” CURFEW In conversation with Radio Cooperativa, the minister also said that in the country “there is an absolute majority” of support for maintaining the curfew, amid the sanitary measures to contain the Covid pandemic.In the talk, the head of the Segegob said that the restriction of movement allows to control mobility, while avoiding the realization of clandestine parties. This, after giving an account of the government’s plan for the National Holidays, which will allow inns and ramadas with up to 300 people in communes in the preparation stage onwards. See also National Holidays Plan: Fondas and ramadas will operate with Phase 3 rules and there are no changes in the curfewBellolio said that despite the progress in the figures, the country is not in a moment to afford many crowds and said that “obviously we are concerned about what happens with the Delta variant. The only thing we can do is continue to maintain safeguards and continue with the vaccination process.” In addition, the spokesman said that “preliminary studies indicate that the Sinovac vaccine does respond adequately to the delta variant, but that does not mean that we should relax the measures.”

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