translated from Spanish: Wildfire in California grows; could reach Lake Tahoe

United States.- A mega forest fire that has been consuming hundreds of hectares of forest for weeks in northern California, the United States continues to grow uncontrollably, this being just one of several that have hit the region as a result of the drought that has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes due to the imminent danger. According to reports, the fire has devoured hundreds of fighters and as of Wednesday continues to head towards Lake Tahoe, as fire brigades do their best to quell the incident. According to The Associated Press the Caldor fire was less than 32 miles east of the lake that divides the states of California and Nevada, California Fire Chief Thom Porte warned that the fire is close to reaching the lake basin. The critical situation has led residents and tourists to take refuge inside establishments and shops of mountain material after ash began to fall near Lake Tahoe. So far, it is estimated that the Caldor fire has consumed more than 492 square kilometers of forest and at least 455 homes since last August 14 in sierra Nevada southwest of Lake Tahoe.Firefighters have only managed to control 14% of the fire, as it progresses and threatens to consume more than 17 thousand structures, while to the east the fire threatens several villages and vineyards. Read more: UN calls on Taliban not to cross the red line of women’s and girls’ rights”This fire has simply overtaken us. We have exhausted resources,” said Jeff Marsolais, eldorado National Forest supervisor and fire manager. Video; Afghanistan plane is shot down over the border

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