translated from Spanish: Chile to host nearly 300 people seeking to escape Afghanistan

The government pledged to receive 270 people who are in Afghanistan and who appear on a list that the Afghan community in Chile gave to the Foreign Ministry to help them leave that country.
This was reported on Thursday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a document in which it detailed the efforts it is making to facilitate the displacement and reception of Afghans who are at risk due to the rapid Taliban advance in Afghanistan.
The government’s agreement with the Afghan community in Chile is that the 270 people on the list must try to leave Afghanistan and travel to the nearest countries where the South American nation has consulates: Iran, united arab emirates and India.
In these consulates they will be given a safe conduct that will allow them to reach Chile and once in the country they will be welcomed under different mechanisms, the Foreign Ministry explained.
Thus, those who have a direct family link will receive temporary residence by family bond; and those who obtain employment contracts awarded by the Afghan community in Chile – which promised to offer them work – will receive temporary residency on a work contract basis.
Finally, those who cannot afford either of the above two options will be accepted under refugee status.
About 30 family members of human rights defenders.
This group of 270 people is joined by around 30 others, belonging to the families of 10 women human rights defenders that Chile hosted last week.
The efforts to get these people out of Afghanistan are being carried out through an NGO, to which the Foreign Ministry delivered the travel letters that will make it easier for them to move to Chile, since there is still no clarity to which country they could leave.
“How and when these women and their families will be able to leave Afghanistan depends on the NGO,” the Foreign Ministry said, adding that all of these people will most likely enter as refugees.
The document also mentions the cases of Chilean documentary filmmaker Jorge Said and Afghan student Dawari Parwin (who has relatives in Chile), who in the last few hours managed to leave Kabul and fly to Spain.
The Consul of Chile in Madrid, Carlos Cornejo will give Parwin a safe conduct to travel to Chile and that will have the status of refugee as soon as he arrives in the South American country. In Said’s case, the local press noted that he is likely to stay in Spain.
Finally, reference is made to the sister of an Afghan student in Chile, who is already in Pakistan, from where arrangements are being made for her to fly to Chile, where she will be granted refugee status.

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