translated from Spanish: Pachu Peña and his desire to be summoned as a dramatic actor: “I see myself in El Marginal 15”

Pachu Peña is participating in La Academia, where night after night, he tries to make families and the jury laugh and move. Its strong point is not the dance, of course, but it is reaching millions of people with its charisma overflowing. Some of this he talked with Marcela Coronel in his radio cycle Mucha Radio 94.7 FM where he also revealed his desire to change his field and become a dramatic actor.” I would love a dramatic role. I recently did a casting for a miniseries and the director was surprised. I don’t know if he told me to look good, they didn’t call me. A difficult casting because with this confinement it was by zoom,” said Pachu.And he added with his humorous overtones: “My dream is to be with Pablo in El marginal, we are two prisoners from Rosario, we have our cell of Rosarinos with Novaresio, the singer of Vilma Palma, Mario Guerci who makes the cute boy, the VIP prison.” He also talked about his present work with Marcelo Tienlli and his intimate relationship with Pablo Granados.” I’m dancing now, I’m also dancing badly, but to see Marcelo laughing, I say that’s it. It brings back memories of before, of when he laughed at the notes with Paul.” I’m on the other side, I have a hard time forgetting about the old Videomatch, because it’s a contest, and taking it seriously.” Then he acknowledged with sorrow the completion of the Friday humor cycle on ShowMatch and expressed: “It was a pity that they did not follow the Fridays of humor, we liked to do it, it was a nice squad. But it was an expensive product and performed just like The Academy. The guidelines changed, everything goes through the networks, through instagram, the guidelines of before are no longer there. TV is day by day, today we are and tomorrow we are not”, he reflected with the journalist. About his relationship with Granados, he said: “With Pablo I’m still doing things for companies. We talk a lot, we are constantly in touch. Pablo does very well with his instagram,Obviously I miss him, but also Pichu, Diego Korol, Yayo and Naza of Uncoded. You have a lot of love for them, you get used to working together.” There was also space to talk about his solidarity side where he said he sold his twitter account to help a child who needed surgery.” A lot of kids need to have surgery outside. I used Twitter a lot to inform myself. It was not to say much, you are in the crack. They called me to sell the account, I had a connection with people on Twitter, I sent them videos. He didn’t want to be grabbed by anyone from a political party.” He added: “They didn’t give me a lot of money, people make the movie. I got messages from excited parents, and I said, I complied. Hopefully it will spread to put a grain of sand. Nobody has enough money, they are not easy moments but out there you do not drink a beer and help, “he concluded.

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