translated from Spanish: PRO accused that Navarro’s departure was for his interest in securing embassy with support to Provoste

Carolina Ceballos, former regional president of the PRO in Biobío, confirmed this afternoon the exodus of militants, candidates and party leaders in the Biobío region. This is due to a disagreement due to the express support of Senator Alejandro Navarro to the candidate Yasna Provoste.In this line, this Tuesday when the resignation of the candidate for the presidency of the Upper House was concretized, the now ex-senator of the PRO publicly ratified his support for the representative of the Constituent Unity pact, something that contradicts the new presidential adventure of ME-O. From the party, after the news of Navarro’s departure, they maintained that “Senator Alejandro Navarro had indicated to the national structure of the party, prior to the presidential definition of this weekend — and even prior to the Citizen Consultation of Constituent Unity — that he was from the beginning supporting Senator Yasna Provoste as a presidential candidate. She argued that there was coordination initiated by the Senate with her and her entourage. As well as his legitimate interest in securing with her, in advance, an Embassy for him as a political outlet to the Senate, since by the new legal regulations he could not go to re-election. We pointed out to him that we would respect his decision as long as he did not seek to damage our institutions with his personal definition.” Among the consequences that the party is experiencing after Ominami’s decision to run in parallel with Provoste, although until recently they belonged to the same pact, is the exclusion of UC progressives in the next parliamentary lists, leaving several candidates in a complex scenario. One of those affected was Senator Alejandro Guillier, who had joined the party only a few months ago, and who announced that he would not go for re-election as senator for Antofagasta.For his part Ceballos said that “We are going to continue in unity, as we promised (…) Unfortunately, a decision was taken that led to our list of candidates for parliament being left out of The Constituent Unity, which left them in a complex situation ahead of the elections,” he added. This situation caused many comrades from the Biobío Region and other regions to decide to step aside, renouncing militancy, an action that was joined by various leaders, Senator Alejandro Navarro, the now former Secretary General, Marcelo Cárdenas, councilors such as Álex Ávila, and candidates for parliament such as Jonatan Díaz”, added.” For now we are a group of independent, good and honest people, who support and support the candidacy of Senator Yasna Provoste for the Presidency of Chile, because we believe that it is the best option to defeat Sichel and achieve the changes demanded by the people and the New Constitution, “said the now ex-militant of the PRO.

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