translated from Spanish: Ancalao goes on the offensive: announces protection appeal against president of servel and complaint against “infiltrators” in his command

The former presidential standard-bearer of the People’s List, Diego Ancalao, whose candidacy for La Moneda was rejected after finding signatures validated before a deceased notary, will file an appeal for protection against the president of the Board of Directors of the Electoral Service (Servel), Andrés Tagle.
“Andrés Tagle’s public statement is arbitrary and illegal and his only objective was to politically affect the candidacy of a Mapuche brother and to whiten the image of the People’s List. This man does not deserve to be the president of the Electoral Service, since his actions do not conform to democratic principles and he abuses his position to damage the image of my person,” Ancalao said in a statement.
The former candidate questioned that after the Servel report “the media, obviously, generated different reactions of public opinion towards me, especially the immediate discrediting of my honor condemning me in the media, also affecting,” he said, “the guarantees and fundamental rights of all citizens in a State of law.”
Ancalao explained that he seeks “justice with the weapons of peace, because I am a man of peace” and this will be done through a protection resource against Tagle, “given that—in his opinion—he abusively occupies his spaces of power.”
The academic made it clear that he wants to “exculpate the People’s List from all legal, political and administrative responsibility, since each and every one of its members of that list who supported my presidential candidacy, only did so during the last week, promoting online sponsorships, which have no questions whatsoever.”
And he pointed out that “the statement of the president of the Servel has no other pretension than to affect my honor in advance and what is even more serious, that of affecting the legitimacy of the People’s List.”
Diego Ancalao also said that there is “a history and abundant evidence that a crime of infiltrators would have been committed, for this we will file a criminal complaint for the possible crimes of fraud and falsification of public instrument and other crimes.”
The former presidential candidate said that this seeks to “comply with the fair procedure we will make known the contents of the complaint once presented in the corresponding court.”

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