translated from Spanish: Fishermen from Ahome prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Nora

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The deep-sea fishermen of the port Topolobampo, municipality of Ahome, are preparing for the possible arrival of Hurricane “Nora.” The truth is that we have been very attentive, right now we had a few boats doing the activity of the scale, but those we already suspended from antier because this has been generating the famous ‘toritos’ that we call them, which are formation of storms, “said José Carlos Sotelo.The president of the Union of Fishing Cooperatives of Topolobampo said that “Nora” brings them sad memories of what happened with Hurricane Ismael, where many fishermen died.” We are at what can be done because Topolobampo is not a safe haven, that must be said. We have a very deep bay, which on the east side, the smaller ships that stay there can be sunk or severely hit because the wave is very large because of its depth.” He added that they are doing work on the dock that is not yet complete, which has to be made a long breakwater to protect both the dock and the navies that are inside.” We are already hauling tires to minimize impacts against the dock, mooring tangones, trying to make a single block of boats moored to protect each other, however, there are some obstacles in the dock that still hinders us, that needs to be cleaned, but prepared for what is coming. ” He explained that when a phenomenon of this nature impacts head-on, the crew has to be on top of the ship to minimize any detail that a loose ship could cause. Read more: LIVE: All about Hurricane “Nora” on the Mexican Pacific coast “You have to turn on a machine to be able to counteract the fury of the wind and be very aware. It is something that we already have well located what has to be done, and many times it can not be done when the impact is frontal, the direct, the hurricane makes of account that hits twice when it is direct. ”

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