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The coronavirus pandemic strongly impacted the lives of all Chileans. Not only in personal and family terms, but especially in economic and employment matters. Since March 2020, around two million jobs have been lost and, particularly women, have experienced a great setback in labor matters. During the year 2020 the National Training and Employment Service, SENCE, implemented 33 completely online job fairs for all regions of the country and took charge of the execution of the Employment Subsidy, which today has four lines: two oriented to companies (Return and Hire) and two to people (Protects and Subsidy to New Employment, which will be replaced by the IFE Laboral). In order to show and explain all the instruments that Sence has available to support the employment of Chileans, the “Employment Week” was created. From Monday, August 30 to Thursday, September 2, there will be 16 talks on training, IFE Labor and subsidies and job orientation, among many other topics. Simultaneously, the first national Job Fair will be held, which already has more than 70,000 job vacancies in all regions of the country and will be open to applications until September 3. To access the complete calendar of talks and apply for job vacancies, you must access the site:, or directly to:

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