translated from Spanish: St. Louis: Tragic head-on collision between two trucks

In the early hours of today, a man died when two trucks collided head-on at kilometer 706 of the Serranías Puntanas Highway (National Route 7), and two other people were injured, those who are out of danger hospitalized in the Hospital of Villa Mercedes, reported the police of San Luis.La fatal victim was identified as Ariel Emmanuel Gallardo, while the injured were Emanuel Sepúlveda and Daniel Parenti.According to police experts, Gallardo was driving a truck of the GEFCO company and traveling loaded with boxes of Freeze wines from Mendoza bound for Buenos Aires.For unknown reasons, at the height of kilometer 706 he crossed lanes on the highway and rammed head-on a Mercedes Benz truck with a trailer of the CATA company that was loaded with materials for paintings of works and had as a destination the province of Mendoza.La victim, Ariel Gallardo, was alive when the police arrived at the place, but when the ambulances arrived he had already died, police sources reported. The traffic was interrupted for several hours because the people of the area and those who passed through the place were dedicated to taking all the supplies that had been scattered on the route. The opposite lanes of the Serranías Puntanas highway are not divided by retaining walls but by a curtain of trees that do not allow to visualize when a road crosses the lane until the impact occurs, preventing any maneuver of salvation.

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