translated from Spanish: Virrey del Pino: A 25-year-old man was murdered

A 25-year-old man was killed today by a stab wound during a fight in the Buenos Aires town of Virrey del Pino, Party of La Matanza, and for the homicide they arrested the father of a friend of his, police and judicial sources reported. The incident was recorded this morning at the intersection of Wagner and Guanabara streets in that district of the southwest area of Greater Buenos Aires.Police and judicial sources informed Télam that the investigation began when personnel from the South 3rd Police Station. De Virrey del Pino was alerted by a fight between a group of people. Before reaching the indicated address, about four blocks away, the troops crossed paths with a man, identified as Julio De los Santos (65), who had injuries and blood stains. According to the sources, the man told them that he had a fight with a friend of his daughter and that he used a knife to defend himself. The police went to the scene and met with the girl, who told them that her father and his friends had been drinking alcoholic beverages. In this context, the group began to argue and take fist bumps, after which his friend, named Martín Sandoval (25), was injured. Upon entering the house, the young man was found dead by police in one of the rooms following a stab wound. In this way, De Los Santos was arrested as a suspect and was at the disposal of the prosecutor Marcos Borghi, in charge of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) Thematic Intentional Homicides of the Judicial Department La Matanza.Scientific Police Personnel carried out the corresponding expert reports and kidnapped a knife that will be examined. The prosecutor will investigate tomorrow morning the accused for the crime of “homicide,” the spokesmen concluded.

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