translated from Spanish: Higher Technical Professional Education: a leap in quality

Although it seems that it has been a difficult time to avoid, the recent commemoration of the day of Professional Technical Education (ETP) turns out to be an ideal moment to highlight the solid, sustained and inescapable progress of this training, which has been consolidated as a privileged academic activity, of quality and what is even more important, fundamental to promote development and face technological changes, environmental and economic that will mark the future of the country.
We applaud the intense discussion on the reform of the higher education system – which culminates in the enactment of Law 21,091 – the country has assumed an agenda of initiatives that, directly and indirectly, recognize and promote the development of TP Training. Today we have a defined regulatory institutionality relevant to the reality of the TP system, accompanied by initiatives such as the National Strategy for PT Training, the development of the National Framework of TP qualifications, the competitive financing lines of Institutional Development Funds, which until recently did not exist; the Program of the Ministry of Education and CORFO “IP CFT 2030”, which co-finances innovation and technology transfer initiatives of the professional technical institutions that apply, in addition to providing technical assistance such as teacher training in the area.
Another example is the necessary implementation of the System of Access to Higher Technical Professional Education, a legal requirement that, despite having a regulatory definition similar to that established for university education, after a reflective process, has been implemented in full compliance with the Law, in an application pertinent to the characteristics and needs of students and institutions of this type of training.
It is also necessary to highlight the strength and versatility demonstrated by the institutions and communities of the ETP during the pandemic. These have not been easy times, especially for our students and academic community, but in a new demonstration of the resilience and flexibility that characterizes them, they have managed to successfully overcome a year and a half in which they were hit hard by the social and economic effects derived from the pandemic.
Undoubtedly, these times have been one of learning and growth, especially for Professional Technical Higher Education, which, responding to new challenges, has emerged with strength and conviction to offer the country highly specialized and committed human capital, capable of delivering clear, innovative and effective responses to the demands of the productive sectors and their own local communities. Today with more force than ever we say: We are proud to be technicians!

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