translated from Spanish: Santa Fe: Conicet initiates an antibody study on vaccinated and unvaccinated

A new stage begins at the national level to know the impact of the vaccine and the advances in immunity in the country, through a series of controls that will be carried out in the province of Santa Fe, where blood tests and anonymous surveys will be carried out in randomly chosen households. The study will be led by the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet) that will try to determine the antibodies generated in people who have been vaccinated and others who have not, in 1000 households in different parts of the provincial capital, with a sample that will be around 3000. It will be carried out through the Covidar IgG system, developed by the Leloir Institute, which allows the analysis to be carried out with the obtaining of a drop of blood from a finger. In this case, Conicet will carry out an epidemiological study to advance in the quantification of risk factors.

As detailed in the portfolio, the central objective of the operation in Santa Fe will be to specify the degree of protection that the city has with a significant sample and alert about these factors that its inhabitants have. The director of the Laboratory of Ecology of Diseases of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of the Littoral, Pablo Beldoménico, spoke on Radio Uno and made it clear that the objective is to measure the “level of association these factors have” with the virus. Although the information is confidential, we know that ‘Pepito’ had such a level of antibodies and is the one who received such a vaccine and then such another. That information will be available to be able to later check if there is any association, any higher level of antibodies associated with a vaccine or some different scheme,” he said.

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