translated from Spanish: They ask to take precautions in Sinaloa due to Hurricane Nora

Sinaloa.- Before the possible arrival of Hurricane Nora to Sinaloan territory, Civil Protection of the state called on citizens to be attentive and take due precautions to avoid risks, since it is expected that the storm will have winds of 140 to 170 kilometers per hour early Sunday morning, with category 1, and make landfall in the Mexican Pacific, The director of Civil Protection in the state said that citizens should be attentive to the indications that are given regarding the presence of this natural phenomenon. Even yesterday afternoon the three levels of government held a meeting to analyze the possible trajectory and be attentive to what could affect the state, but, above all, prevent and have the mechanisms that help reduce risks for citizens. The director of the North Pacific Basin of Conagua, José Luis Montalvo Espinoza, explained that the forecast of the path of Hurricane Nora, so far, does not mark a direct impact on Sinaloan territory; however, during its journey to the Gulf of California it is expected to leave heavy rains of 50 to 150 millimeters, so all preventive measures must be taken. He even added that the effects of rainfall could be felt from Saturday afternoon in the southern zone, being this day and Monday when the strongest effects are felt in the central and northern zone. Part of the forecast “It is established that possibly tomorrow (today) we could have presence of the effects of Nora here in Sinaloa, mainly in the southern part of the state, and that from there the effects in the other municipalities are maintained.” Given this, they called on those who live in risk areas to leave their homes and take refuge in the 128 shelters that are intended for this, as well as fishing communities to be attentive, not to risk and not to enter the sea in these following hours, as it could be catastrophic before the arrival of Nora.Montalvo Espinoza said that the areas of possible flooding have already been detected. to, in time, transfer the affected population to the 128 first response shelters throughout the state, with a capacity for more than 50 thousand people, with all the measures and protocols to avoid COVID-19 infections. The State Council of Civil Protection was in permanent session to continue monitoring the evolution of Hurricane Nora, to, in time, take the necessary measures in relation to the suspension of activities. Notice Coepris warns greater risk for southern SinaloaA call to take extreme precautions in the municipalities of the south of the state, especially in Elota, San Ignacio, Mazatlan, Concordia, Rosario and Escuinapa, issued the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss), as heavy to torrential rains are expected in this area. Commissioner Jorge Alan Urbina said that there are surveillance and prevention zones throughout the Pacific due to the possible effects of the hurricane contemplated by Topolobampo and Altata in Sinaloa.He affirmed that the protocols to prevent risks place special emphasis on water, food, hand washing, proper management of excreta and garbage, among others. Read more: There is fear in rural Mazatlan about Hurricane NoraThe Category 1 Data Is the intensity of Hurricane Nora, but it is expected to increase to category 4. GN agents knock down migrant with girl in her arms in Chiapas

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