translated from Spanish: Curfew for the RM is delayed at 00:00 and Minister Paris assures that the state of constitutional emergency would end on September 30

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza announced that the curfew will begin at 00:00 hours throughout the country starting Wednesday.
The regions of Tarapacá and Metropolitana were the only ones in the country where the curfew began at 22:00, but given the drop in COVID-19 infections, the health authorities announced on Monday that the measure will be delayed at 00:00 hours.
Health Minister Enrique Paris was also asked if it is necessary to maintain the curfew, given the improvement in the figures of the pandemic. In this regard, he said that “we think it is a sanitary measure. If the numbers continue to improve, the curfew is likely to lengthen. We have said that we must be prudent, move forward step by step. Therefore, we have been fulfilling the goals and our promises.”
“I do not rule out that there may be progress as the figures continue to improve, but I also warn that there may be a setback in the event that the figures could worsen again,” he warned.
And in relation to the possible extension or not of the state of emergency – which ends on September 30 – Paris said that “for the moment, we do not consider that a new project will be presented, however it is not only a health issue, but it has to do with the initiative of the Executive in its entirety.”
“Everything indicates that if the figures remain in a positive way, it would not be necessary. However, we are going to maintain the health alert,” he added.

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