translated from Spanish: Pensioners will already be able to collect the payment corresponding to September

Mexico.- As of August 31, more than 4 million pensioners will be able to collect the payment corresponding to the month of September reported on Monday the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). Through a statement, the institute invited the beneficiaries to maintain the sanitary measures indicated by the authorities at the time of going to collect the pension in order to avoid Covid-19 infections.It also indicated that for greater security of pensioners, the Institute called on them not to go to the bank on the same day of payment to avoid a greater concentration of people. ” They are invited to withdraw resources on days following the day of payment; make your purchases with bank cards in authorized establishments; use online banking services for the payment of goods and services, and make the payment in bank branches of self-service stores,” the IMSS recommended in the statement. Read more: Gasoline and diesel today: prices per liter in Mexico Monday, August 30, 2021Add that for any questions that may arise in the pensioned population or their relatives they can contact the telephone number, 800-623-2323 and choose extension 3 “pensioners” to be attended by trained Social Security personnel. There are 4 people trapped on top of tree in San Ignacio, Sinaloa

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