translated from Spanish: They study a project so that rebellious tenants can be evicted

The Constitution Commission of the Senate began the study of a project that proposes an order for payment procedure for the collection of lease rents in those cases in which months of delinquency have passed or damage has occurred in the properties. The initiative, in the second stage, seeks to incorporate the early restitution of real estate in precarious trials and termination of lease and loan, and also contemplates an order for payment procedure for the collection of rents. The regulations began to be studied by the Constitution Commission, which learned the details of the project from one of its authors, Deputy Gonzalo Fuenzalida. In the main, Fuenzalida pointed out that there are cases in which tenants owe months and that when the owners want to recover the property it takes between a year or a year and a half, and sometimes they are delivered with millionaire debts for basic services and damages. The parliamentarian added that by setting up an order for payment procedure, which already exists in the criminal justice system, the idea is that he can quickly recover his property, at most in a month. One of the points that emerged during the analysis of the project was to incorporate some measure that allows to solve the situation of the so-called “occupiers” who inhabit houses without inhabitants. In this sense, the idea arose of incorporating a figure known as the “unnamed” lawsuit that is dealt with in countries such as Spain, a matter that remained to be discussed once the commission hears the opinions of professors of civil law and criminal procedural law, which is contemplated for tuesday’s session.

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